Diary of a Mom in College: Finding a Mom-Friendly School

As a mom in college, you are aware that moving across the country to attend college isn’t really an option. And some of you may only have one option in regards to your location. Finding a college that is supportive of your situation is so important for your success. I lived this experience through my pregnancy and now the birth of my fourth child  and am 100% sure that my university IS mom-in-college-friendly. Why? Well, in the final 10 weeks of my last undergrad semester I experienced more struggle than my entire college career. Not only was I pregnant and sick, but I was put on bed rest. I felt worried about successfully completing the semester and was almost certain I would have to stay an extra semester. However, I am fortunate to be a student on a campus that supports parenting students. Cal State Fullerton has highly educated faculty and staff, fully aware of the real-world issues that can arise. Instead of having to drop out I had professors asking “How can I help you succeed?” I cannot truly tell you how much that touched my heart and at the same time also drove me to keep on keeping on. I didn’t want to defer graduation, I didn’t want to be an undergrad for one more semester. And guess what? I didn’t have to.

My advice to you is this:


When selecting a college — be it a community college or if you are transferring from community college to a university — get to know the campus and resources available. Ask any students you may know about their experience. The best way for you to succeed in college as a mom or soon-to-be mom is to choose a school that supports you where you are at in your life. And if you are “stuck” at a school that doesn’t — speak up!

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