Blog Repost: The Most Important Words I Heard at Commencement

Hey Mamas!

I recently wrote a blog post for Pearson Students that talks about my commencement experience, including the most important words I heard during the ceremony! Please visit the link (it’s safe, I promise — I am the editor of the blog!) and check out why I think it’s important for each and every one of YOU to walk at your graduation! 11062044_10153842079663797_6126840192198228301_n

Here is a brief snippet, you can find the entire post below:

As the cool, grey clouds covered the sky, the sunshine remained abundant amongst the graduating class of English and linguistic majors at Cal State Fullerton. Regardless what weather hung over our heads, it could not deafen the sound of pure happiness radiating from our procession line. And while the ceremony started late and was then over in a flash, I am confident it will be a day we all remember.

Graduating from college was an amazing experience. As a 35-year-old mother of three children, it was a milestone I once thought unattainable. Yet, I experienced every moment of it: the anticipation, hope, and camaraderie as all gather to celebrate this major milestone in life while you wait to hear your name called. It’s especially exciting to hear people hoot and holler as your peers walk across the stage, isn’t it? And while I used to think that having my name called would be the absolute highlight of the day, it came in second to one other thing I heard during commencement.

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