I May Be A Mother, But I’m Still Me (Blog Repost)

Every once in a while I come across a blog post that inspires and encourages me, so naturally when I read “I May Be a Mother, shutterstock_97626404But I’m Still Me” by Lisa at MomsMagazine.com I had to share. Why? Because half my purpose is to remind moms that while being a mom is such a special, crucial part of ourselves, we are still those women that existed before the babies — just a bit altered. So, enjoy! And please visit their website!

There’s this stigma that comes along with being a mom – you’re no longer living for you but instead your life revolves around your child. You have no other interest than play dates, nap times, Mommy & me and diapers. Wrong! First allow me to enlighten those who deem to hate on the “mom” title. Yes I am a mother, but that doesn’t mean the person I was before has gone away. Does it mean I’ve changed? Absolutely and I’ve always said it was for the better; I evolved, I grew, and my priorities changed. There’s nothing I love more than being a mother and I love that my day starts and ends with my son. That may not seem as glamorous as late night dinners and cocktails on a Wednesday night, but it’s my glamor. Truth be told – I still like going out to dinner, I just bring my kid along. I still go shopping; I just bring my kid along. I still get my hair done, that one Daddy is on duty. I didn’t give up my job when my son was born either, not because I didn’t want to but because we needed two incomes. I’m a working mom and sure my colleagues know I have a child, but I refuse to let that demean what I bring to the conference table. I still maintain my professional life but when mommy duty calls I will drop everything, put my super mom cape on and rush to my child…(continued on original blog)

Please click here to read the rest of Lisa’s fantastic post! Content originally taken from http://momsmagazine.com/2015/02/19/may-mother-im-still/

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