Why Online Learning Works for Moms in College

I have heard mixed reviews about online learning with some saying it’s “not as good” while others love being able to work at their own pace. For some time I was a skeptic, but through my own experience I have come to truly appreciate online learning and I think it’s a great option for moms in college. 10566352_10153171025823797_1304884714_n

In 2010 I returned to school part time after suffering from depression. Due to my illness I was not comfortable with being in class, nor did I have the confidence it took to do so. I decided to “try out” an online course just to get my feet wet. At first I was anxious, but very soon I came to enjoy the class because I didn’t have the stress of being among people while learning. I needed this experience at this particular time in my life. My first online class went very well so I decided to try another the next semester. Once again, it proved to be an excellent way to learn in a comfortable environment. Eventually I started attending on campus classes, but I know that this experience gave me the confidence I needed in order to fully immerse myself in a classroom.

Fast forward to fall 2013: During the first week of the semester I was ready to go with three on campus classes and one online. I was really excited and anxious because it was my first semester on a new campus since transferring. However, life happens and it happened to my family rather abruptly. By week two of the semester my husband was in the hospital with a serious illness and I was wrestling with “what do I do?” If I can say only one thing about the value of online learning it would be that it is there for the student. In saying that I mean, it is not fixed to a set time or place and can be attended regardless of what life hands you. In my case, I was able to drop two of my on-campus classes when two gracious professors added me to their online courses. Online learning assisted me in persevering in college during a difficult time.

I know some of you may be skeptical as well, but I want to encourage you to consider the online learning community. Education is brought to you, wherever you may be and that is of incredible value. It gives you an opportunity to explore your interests in college without going too far outside your comfort zone. For moms, especially, it allows you to raise your children while obtaining an education. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty valuable!


Have you taken a class online? I would love to hear about your experiences! 

2 thoughts on “Why Online Learning Works for Moms in College

  1. Megan M. H. says:

    I am in my third year of an entirely online bachelor’s degree in health and wellness program. When I decided to go back to school I was 26. It had been about 7 years since I had been out of school and I was really nervous about it since my previous college experience did not go well. It did not take me long to discover that the online platform was the way to go for me. I was surprised by the amount of support and sense of community despite lacking the face to face classroom experience. Then when I became pregnant the value of it increased incredibly. When it came time to have my baby I was in the midst of finals and thanks to the flexibility of online schooling I was able to complete them and retain my 4.0 grade point average whole being in and out of the hospital, recovering, and adjusting to my new life with a little one. I still have a year to go but feel very confident in my ability to finish my program and obtain my degree. I really feel that parents and any other non traditional students will be surprised and should look into online schooling as an option.

    • Dianna says:

      Hi Megan! Thank you so much for sharing your story! And congratulations on making it to your final year. I used to think online learning would be a challenge not just for me but for older students who hadn’t “grown up” with computers, but it’s just not true! The online experience is SO convenient and you are SO right — there is a community!

      I am so glad it has worked out so well for you and I hope you share more of your success with me in the future!! And way to go on your 4.0!!

      If there was one area of online learning you WOULD improve (If any), what would it be?

      Thank you for reading my blog!!

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