Driving with David Jr

Time seems to be a few things:

In limited supply.


Being in school makes me aware of these two truths. I find myself running out of time on many occasions and often I begin feeling regretful and guilty about being in school. I should be home. I should be filling the role of hands-on mom. Yet, I am in college trying my best to make a better future for my kids. I love them so much.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, as the title might suggest, I find ways to spend quality time with my kids — good, happy, quality time.

For my example today, I will focus on my drive with David. David Jr goes to school with me. That is to say he attends preschool at my university’s childcare center. He loves it and I know he is in good hands and while we are apart all day, it is our drive to and from school that I truly enjoy. I know some of you may be thinking, what could you possibly do on a drive? Well, a few things.

1. We sing. David Jr and I have been lead stars in our own Broadway musical pretty much every week for the last year. From “Let it Go” to “Brave” to “Roar” we take center stage and sing our hearts out. Sometimes David Jr competes with me, belting out the song on the top of his lungs in a way that would otherwise annoy the outsider. It brings me joy to see him smiling and laughing as he attempts to out-sing me. 

2. We talk. I always start the ride home with questions like “what did you eat for lunch?” or “did you make any crafts today?” If you saw my hallway, you would know that David Jr’s answer to the crafts question is almost always a “yes.” He loves to paint, to build, to write. We also talk about our plans for the next day…or even the next few hours. Sometimes he tells me about his day without me asking — about the girl who gives him hugs and how he fed the fish that day. It doesn’t matter really, it’s all wonderful.10703078_10153296483283797_781065985_o

3. We navigate. Well, he navigates. David Jr. loves to use the Waze app on my phone to watch our voyage from home to school and back again. He thinks it’s fun and exciting to see the road go by. He likes to find points of interest on the app. We also play other games like finding cars in certain colors. It seems simple but it’s fun.

4. We hold hands. Simple enough, right? There are moments where David Jr and I just sit quietly and hold hands. These are some of my favorite moments. Human touch is very sacred, very healing. There are children in this world who never feel the touch of their mother or father’s hand. Holding David Jr’s hand makes me very aware of that fact. Very aware of the fact that I am so lucky to call my children my own.
As a mom in college you may find your time is limited. You may feel guilty for being in class when you could be home. I can’t stop you from feeling those things because I feel them often. What I can do is encourage you to find time — be it on a car ride, in an elevator, or while washing the dishes. Take the time to talk, sing, dream, and hold hands with your kids. I truly believe those things will be the most cherished moments for them too.

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