Anatomy of a Non-Traditional Student (Infograph)

Hey All!

I came across an infograph sponsored by DeVry and I just thought it was 1) visually pleasing and 2) informative in terms of the anatomy of a successful non-traditional student, specifically where well-being is concerned. Being a non-traditional student is tough work, be it because you work full-time, have children, or both. As I begin my adventure as the president of the Nu Pi chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda I am looking forward to getting to know the members who are joining. It’s not always easy to find/spot non-traditional students on campus because we don’t always immerse ourselves in the college culture…or we look like traditional students. I encourage all of my non-traditional student-readers to dare to step out and involve yourself — even just a little. Being involved outside of the classroom has made a huge difference for me with only a small time commitment so I know it’s possible. That being said, here is the infograph!

anatomy-of-a-highly-successful-nontraditional-student_53502a6ed3460                                                                                                                      (Click to Enlarge)


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