“To the Educator Who Has Lost Hope”

Hello Readers!

During my time with Pearson I have been given the opportunity to write blog posts for their Teaching & Learning blog that is devoted to educators. I wrote this piece because I know there are many educators who have lost hope or are losing hope. If you know someone like this, please share my blog with them. It is my hope that through students they will see that there IS hope for the future of their students!

To the Educator Who has Lost Hope

2 thoughts on ““To the Educator Who Has Lost Hope”

    • Dianna says:

      That is all you can do! I spent a lot of my time at my CC in the hallway of the English department and saw what the teachers went through. I also have family members who are teachers in the K-12 system. I could NOT do that job. You guys deserve to get hope returned from those you so freely gave it to!

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