Taking a Time-Out: 5 Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids Without Breaking the Bank

Having kids is the greatest joy, but life gets hectic and we often feel that we don’t have time to spend with our little ones or we can’t afford to do fun stuff with them. This is even more true for moms balancing home and college life.  But in order to survive the crazy storm known as college, you must take time out…and you must spend time with your kids! Yes, there are many ways a mom can go broke trying to spend time with her kids, but there are ways that don’t require bankruptcy as well! Here are 5 ways to have fun with your kids without breaking the bank!

1. Build a fort. Come on, don’t even try to tell me you don’t still dream about 108438303497857852jJkAqQPlcbuilding an epic fort out of blankets and then disappearing into another world?!?! This activity is free and fun. It allows you to spend time with your kids while they practice pretend-play. Not skilled in the blanket-fort-making industry? Check out this WikiHow with nifty animated instructions. Blanket Forts

2. Have a Movie night. If you have the finances to go to a theater and watch a new movie, more power to ya! However, if you don’t you can simply make your den or living room the theater. Grab popcorn and bowls, pick out a movie (or 2) that everyone enjoys, close the curtains, and cuddle up on the couch! This is one of my kids favorite family activities and we try to do it every Friday.

3. Go to the park. Kids need fresh air and so do you! Allow the children to explore the playground for a while, but then create a learning experience by having them look for certain things like bugs, flowers, or types of trees. If you want to take it a step trash_bash_picfurther, bring disposable gloves and trash bags and, as a family, collect littered items. It is best to have the kids point out the litter and hold the bag while you pick up the trash and throw it in. Not your cup of tea? Invest in a soccer ball!

4. Cook together. I know it can be madness to have kids under your feet while you attempt to make dinner, so instead of trying to get them out of the kitchen,  include them! One child can be in charge of measuring ingredients, one can be in charge of stirring, and so on. Once again you are encouraging teamwork among your children and that is great!

5. Write a book together. Not a novel or anything, just a book or a few books. You can create the book with simple paper be it lined or construction. Include illustrations drawn with crayons or markers to make it just like a picture book. This activity is not only cheap (or free if you have the items), but also encourages 6a0115711a1f7b970c0134871f60d9970c-450wicreativity, writing practice, and promotes literacy. This can become an ongoing series-based story that can span many weeks of writing and reading.




What fun activities do you plan for your time with your children?

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