A Week in the Life of a Mom in College: Day 4

Thursday has arrived!

Today is my last day of classes for the week and I am more than excited for it! It is also my “early” day meaning I get there earlier and I leave earlier.

5:30AMDrag myself out of bed. Yes, I do have to drag myself out when it’s not even light outside. Shower, get dressed…you know, all that stuff.

6:00AM — Wake up David Jr. Don’t need to feed him breakfast because he is going to be early enough to eat with the kids at the preschool. After 10 minutes he finally gets up and I get him ready. Also, take a few extra minutes to gather my belongings because I am tired and almost always forget something on Thursday.

6:30AM — Leave for school. Feel excited about it because there might not be traffic. There is. It seems that traffic is worse at 6:30 than 7:30…

6:30-7:30AM — Drive to school, although sometimes it’s considered a crawl.

7:45AM — Drop David off at preschool. Spend a few minutes with him and receive at least 5 hugs as he keeps coming back, not wanting me to leave.


Me with my project mentor, Mary

8:30AM — My first class of the day. Today I am defending my proposal for my book “College Success for Moms” and I am a bit nervous. I hope it goes well!

10:00AM — My second class of the day. I usually start to zone out a bit during this class. I love the topic but I am tired and the Carl’s Jr. just outside our window has started cooking. All I can think about is eating ha!

11:15-11:30AM — Walk to my third class, take this time to check voicemail/texts/email to see if there is anyone I need to call back or email. The school called regarding Sarah so I call them back. No emergency so that’s good.

11:30-12:45PM — I love this class and spend my entire time engaged in the discussion.

12:45-2:30PM — break time! Lunch, homework, blogging, etc. Usually get anywhere from 10-30 texts from David…mostly memes which is OK because it means that everything at home is good.

2:30PM — Harry Potter class time! Another good session where I am not usually distracted and enjoy the discussion. Things get a bit intense though as I defend Snape and bring up the topic of bullying. I will miss this class. 

3:45PM — Done with class and Chaucer is only on Tuesday so it’s time to trudge back over to the preschool and pick up David Jr.

4:00PM — Pick up David Jr. and get an update on how he did today. He is a pretty good kid, only once having a behavior issue worth mentioning to me. He is eager to go home so we head to the truck and go.

4:00-5:30PMTHIS is why I HATE leaving at 4. I won’t be doing this next semester, by the way. I have sat in traffic for nearly 2 hours to go 24 miles. Today I didn’t take the alternate route because traffic seemed to be moving…I was wrong…so wrong. David is fine though so I just put on “Let it Go” and I let the traffic issue go.

5:30PM — arrive home to the kids happy to see me. They always make me smile. If my mom has not made dinner, then I cook dinner and enjoy some time with the kids. David Sr. is at work.

6:30-7:30PM — A movie with the kids before bedtime. Usually includes some chaos, as all moms can relate.

8:00PM — Bed time commences. Stories, pajamas, etc.

9:00-10:30PM — Once the kids are down for the count I usually try to shut down my brain…doesn’t usually work out though! If I have anything I can get done I do it despite how late it is: laundry, cleaning, reading, homework, etc.

10:30-11:30PM — If David gets home before I pass out we spend time together, even if we are just talking. He tells me about his day, and I tell him about mine. Half the time I am out like a light before he gets home.


2 thoughts on “A Week in the Life of a Mom in College: Day 4

  1. Rebecca Taylor says:

    I am also a mom ( divorced ) in College. I’ve applied for two programs and am waiting for an answer. I appreciate your insight and completely understand the importance of a no homework day.

    • Dianna says:

      Thank you Rebecca for reading my blog!! If there is any topic you would like to hear about or more know about…or if you want to share your story please let me know! And yes — no homework days are a MUST, especially for moms in college!

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