A Week in the Life of a Mom in College: Day 3

It’s Wednesday!

I don’t have school today but that doesn’t mean I have nothing to do. Not only do I try to do stuff around the house or with my children, but I also do homework that is due tomorrow (Thursday). It’s not the professor’s fault, but I can’t stand mid-week homework. It’s not like I have hours of free time to work on something and yet I find time. I won’t lie, by this time of the week I have become a 3 year old again — whiny, tired, and ready for Friday. My day looks something like this:


7:30AM — Get up and help get the kids ready for school. Let me rephrase that: peel myself out of bed begrudgingly and help get the kids ready for school.

8:30AM — If David Jr. sleeps in (which is rare), lay down and relax for a short time after David Sr. takes the kids to school. I love my couch…just saying.

9:00AM — David Jr. is awake, my mom is home from work, and David Sr. is back. Usually I eat breakfast around this time and then talk to David Sr. or my mom.

9:30AM — Do anything that needs to be done for my mom: bills, forms, explaining stuff, etc. If nothing needs to be done, just hang out with David Jr. and Sr.

10:30AM — Work on homework. Get side-tracked by things happening in the house so I stop homework. Go to the grocery store.

12-1PM — Hang out with David Sr. for a while. Get on any Pearson phone calls if they happen today.

2:00PMHomework try #2. Get some stuff done but the house is too loud to read.

3:20PM — Kids are out of school and home. Sort out their homework, help them. Get ready for church.

4:00PM — Head out with the 2 older kids for Wednesday night church. Leave early to avoid traffic and hang out at Aunt Rhonda’s. 1520690_10152750299223797_246849253_n

6:30PM — Church for kids, Bible study for me. A great 1.5 hours of fellowship and adult conversation.

8:30PM — Head home, get the kids in bed by 9:30PM and pray that they actually go to bed and get up in the morning without a fight.

9:30-11PMHomework until bed.

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