A Week in the Life of a Mom in College: Day 2

Tuesday is my long day!

6:00AM — Wake up, shower and get dressed

6:30AMAttempt to wake up David Jr.

6:45AM — Finally get David Jr. to get up and get ready.

7:00AM — Feed David Jr. and eat breakfast.

7:20AM — Gather our belongings, double check that I have everything for the day. If necessary, help David Sr. get the kids up and moving.

7:30AM — Leave for school, hopefully. Usually it’s closer to 7:45.

7:30-8 or 8:30AM — sit in stupid traffic but sing songs with David Jr. Nothing better than curing your traffic anger by singing “Let It Go” 200 times.

8:30ish — Attempt to find a parking spot, park, unload David Jr. and all my stuff.

8:45AM — check David into his classroom and spend a few minutes there talking to his teacher or looking at stuff David shows me. Try to leave but have to peel David Jr. off of me, in turn making me feel sad.

9:00AM — head over to the honors center and check in. Print anything I need to print or work on any assignments I haven’t completed. If possible, meet with my friend Meghan and talk for a while about class and life in general.

10:00AM — First class starts. Only got one text from David Sr. My mom calls but I can’t answer.

11:15AM — walk over to my second class, if necessary check voice mail and call home. My mom is worried because she hasn’t found a dress yet for my cousins wedding in June. My mom, whom we live with, has an intellectual disability so I handle or help her handle many of her issues with work, home, life, etc. She calls me sometimes 3 times a day but others not at all.

11:30AM — Second class starts. I like this class because we are discussing women in America. We often discuss the difficulties that come along with being a woman — mother or not.

12:45PM – 2:30PM — Class ends and now I have a break until 2:30PM. Grab lunch, do homework, check voice mail. Visit any professors I need to speak to about grades/papers/class.

2:30PM — Third class starts. It’s Harry Potter time. Of the entire day I get the most emotional in this class. Don’t know why except that I am starting to get tired and also we discuss some heavy topics at times. I get a text from David about one of the kids not listening. I will have to deal with this when I get home tonight. 1175489_10153013691933797_834309450137250142_n

3:45PM — break between Harry Potter and Chaucer. Grab my seat is usually the first thing I do as the class is right next door. However, today this guy has decided to sit in the spot I’ve sat in for the past 15 weeks. I find a seat nearby instead but feel a bit distracted over it. Class is from 4-6:45 with a short break in the middle to use the restroom.

6:45PM — leave class and head quickly over to the childcare center across campus. They close at 7PM so I try to get there as fast as I can so they are not inconvenienced.

7:00PM — pick up David Jr, talk to the afternoon teacher, and head to the truck.

7-8PM — Drive home in somewhat decent traffic. Talk to David about his day and find out a little girl kissed him. Oh boy. Sing a few rounds of “Let It Go” until I look over and David has fallen asleep 1 mile from the house. Typical.

8:00PM — arrive home, get David Jr. in the house with a struggle. He wants to sleep in the truck. Talk to the older kids for a while about school and handle the “not listening” issue from earlier in the day. Once they are in bed, help David Jr. get ready for bed.

8-9PM — try to keep the kids in bed while also preparing for the next day. No school tomorrow but still have to do homework and run errands.

9:00PM — Once everybody is asleep, do homework. A lot of stuff is always due on Thursday especially in the Harry Potter class. Lots of reading.

10:30PM — Spend some time with David Sr. when he gets home before laying down to go to bed.

10:30-12AM — fall asleep after getting up about 5 times because I forgot stuff I needed to do. I am pretty sure all moms do this, and maybe even dads. It’s a major pet peeve of mine. Regardless, it takes me a while to clear my mind and doze off but on Tuesday night sleep comes easier than others.


2 thoughts on “A Week in the Life of a Mom in College: Day 2

  1. bizigal says:

    Sounds like my typical day. I am a non traditional student but at least my kids are grown. I don’t have to make them breakfast! 🙂 Good luck!

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