A Week in the Life of a Mom in College: Day 1

A good friend of mine told me she thought it would be cool to do a “Day in the Life” type of post for moms in college. So I have decided to amp it up and make it an entire week! I will start with my first day of the school week and make my way to Sunday. Of course, most moms will have a different schedule because some of them work on top of caring for children and going to school! I may include videos at different points, but for now here is Monday! This timeline was recorded last week!


Monday is my “easy” day but here it is:


7:30AM — get up and help David Sr. get the kids ready for school.

8:30AM — say bye to the two older kids and wake up David Jr (if he isn’t already awake)

9:00AM — eat breakfast

9:30AM — handle any business I need to handle like paying bills, calling doctors, etc.

10:00AM — quick study session before getting ready for school. Attempt to read or write while entertaining David Jr.

11:00AM — shower and get dressed for school. Also shower David Jr. and get him dressed.

11:45AM — Check to make sure I have anything I might need for my Monday class/study session.

12:00PMLeave for school

12:00 – 12:45PM  — sit in traffic and try not to get mad at terrible drivers. Luckily David Jr. is entertaining and I spend the 45 minutes singing “Let It Go” with my little guy. One of my favorite parts of the day. photo (2)

1:00PM — Drop David Jr. off at the child care center/preschool. Say bye a few times, receive a few hugs.

1:10PM — Find a spot at the student union. If Breanna is there, join her.

1:10-3:00PM — Study/Lunch time. Attempt to study but only study a little because I am distracted by all the things around me — people, noise, impending doom sometimes.

3:30PM — Head over to the building my class is in. Hope to get a seat I feel comfortable in. I suffer from anxiety disorder so I can’t sit just anywhere. I have a preferred spot to sit in and not sitting there becomes distracting for me.

4:00 – 6:45PMCLASS. Attempt to pay attention but get distracted by text messages from my husband reminding me of things that need to be done or telling me anything that happened with the kids during the day that I should know about.

7:00PM — Head back across campus and pick up David Jr. Drive home.

8:00PM — After an hour in traffic, finally make it home. Attempt to get David Jr. out of the truck without waking him because he passed out 1 block from our home. End up having to talk him down from a whiny fit because I woke him up.

8:15PM — change in to pajamas and eat a late dinner. Get David Jr and the other kids settled in for bed. Read a story to them or watch a short TV show.

9:00PM — convince David Jr. that he should go to sleep so we can get up easily for school in the morning.

9:15PM — sit down and prepare for tomorrow: do homework, read, set out clothes, etc.

10:30PMspend a few minutes with David Sr. when he gets home from work.

11:00PM — Attempt to got to bed. Can’t sleep so read for a short time.

11:30-12:30 — pass out at some point usually with a book in my hand or sitting up on the couch.

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