Diary of a Transferring Mom: Moms for Moms

When dropping off my youngest son, David Jr., at the child care center/preschool on campus a few days ago he did something he has never done before: he held on to me and came back to hug me 4 times. He didn’t want me to leave. Having seen him ditch me within seconds on his very first day, this threw me off. I never expected him to react this way but here he was needing me to stay. So naturally I stayed a few minutes longer but as they recommend I didn’t hang around too long. 1525853_10152756815658797_1063643523_o (1)

On the way to the main campus I spent some time thinking about my kids and the time I spent missing them…because I do. And for a moment I heard the voices of several moms who I know or have come in contact with and their opinions — not that they had directly pressed their parenting beliefs upon me, but they have not been shy to express them…and by all means, please do. But it got me thinking about how moms treat each other.

I am here to say this:

First, there is more than one way to parent a child, and more than one style of parenting. Having said that, I think that moms need to look at other moms and instead of judging them, they should respect them.

Second, after we have done this we should lift each other up with encouragement and support. No two children are the same and the same goes for moms. Each mother is facing her own difficulties and no one ever suffered after receiving encouragement.

Third, we all need to appreciate each other, and consider each others feelings. I may be a full-time college student and that means I can’t go to every event my children have at school, but that doesn’t make me any less of a parent. For those who have the opportunity to be “hands on” moms, be thankful that you are in a situation that allows you to devote most of your time to your children. Some of us have to work full-time, or like me are going to college in order to obtain a  job that will support my children financially.

Being a mother isn’t a race against other mothers. We have an important job to do so why don’t we try to spend more time loving, encouraging, and understanding each other than judging? I think our children, and this world would be a better place if we did.

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