Back to school! YAH!

A great Monday post from another mom in college who has excellent advice! Enjoy and happy spring semester to those of you who are returning!

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I know..I KNOW! I’m weird! But I love school! Today is the first day of the Spring semester. Nothing too hard; Algebra and Acting II but I am very excited to have my brain engaged again. I love to learn and grow. I can say this of course because I am not really working toward a degree. I am just going to school for fun. I truly take pleasure in being around young people and the smell of the classroom. Seeing kids with their backpacks and sitting in the courtyard with coffee. It’s awesome!!

I have a need to make my brain work; to be growing intellectually. I read a lot and I watch intellectual movies. I go to plays, the ballet and the symphony when I have the opportunity, which isn’t very often these days but I go when I can. I really like learning new things and growing…

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