5 Reasons to Apply for the Pearson Student Advisory Board


Being a college student is such a great role — it’s diverse, challenging, exhausting, and rewarding. I think this can be said for college moms and all non-traditional students as well. I like being a student. And not simply because I have an excuse to read books! One of the highlights of my college career is going on right now. I have been privileged to be part of the 2013-14 Pearson Student Advisory Board.

The Pearson Student Advisory Board, which is generally made up of 12 students from varying backgrounds, is a part of Pearson Students. Our job? We work together with various Pearson departments and executives to help improve education…not simply textbooks, but the way we are learning overall. Pearson wants to know how they can better serve the “whole student” and the board is there to point the company in the right direction. Who better to help than students, right?

I am only half way through my term with the board, but I can tell you that this experience has changed my life and improved my understanding of the education system and how quickly education is changing. But what about you? Why do I think you should apply?

1. Team-building Skills: This is not something I originally thought would be a benefit, but it really is. Some of us have a difficult time working in teams and some of us hit it off without a hitch. Having been a mostly-independent student (and employee) I have found myself to be challenged by collaboration. However, I can tell you that our team has grown stronger than I ever thought we would. I feel like being part of group projects will be much easier from here on out!

2. Networking: I know some of you may be asking, “why do I need to network?” but trust me, you do! Networking is something that can truly advance you in your personal life and career. As a part of the Pearson Student Advisory Board (PSAB) you will have many, many opportunities to network with other Pearson executives AND your fellow board members. In terms of your fellow board members, while it is a diverse group, many of you may have similar interests that work well together. This could be an opportunity to get your ideas heard and brought to fruition.

3. Making A Difference: “Be the change you wish to see in this world,” right? Well, it’s time to be that change! If you are a mom in college, that means you have kids who are or will be in some type of school system. There is no better way to make changes where it matters than to be part of the change!

4. Friendships: Making friends is NOT a high school thing. And being a mom doesn’t disqualify you from making friends. I have to tell you that the friendships I am building right now will be lifelong. I truly admire, respect and adore every one of my fellow PSAB members. These friends are special because for many of you, you may be the only one in your social circle who is in college. Because of that, you will gain 11 friends who are also in college pursuing their educational dreams just like you!

5. Your voice matters: Everyone who is part of the board has a voice, and each voice matters. But what happens if no moms, dads, older students, AKA non-traditional students apply? Our voice won’t be heard if you don’t step up to the plate! And our voice is becoming more common. You have the opportunity to take part in the board and give your input to many different projects so that Pearson can help serve all students, not just some.

I could give you ten…maybe ten thousand more reasons to join. I really could. On top of the reasons I have already listed for you, there is also the ability to be creative, a monetary stipend, free (and fun) travel, complimentary textbooks, resume-building and so on! So don’t hesitate, check out the website and apply today!

http://www.pearsonstudents.com/get-involved/advisory-board/ (deadline is January 31, 2014)


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