Diary of a Transferring Mom Part 4: Mid-Term

I cannot believe that I am now entering week 8 of this 16 week semester. This semester has been both slow and yet fast at the same time. I don’t know how that is possible, I suppose it depends upon the day. Regardless, I am happy that I am halfway through my first semester at my university.

Registration for spring 2014 begins during week 9 so naturally I have planned out the semester with some possible back-ups just in case life remains (or becomes more) hectic. I think it’s good to have a back up plan, a way to remain in school while still being pliable in the face of unavoidable chaos. I have decided to do classes I think will be “fun” for me because I know I have earned a bit of fun after the last 8 weeks of my life. So, I will be taking a class called “Trends and Movements in English Literature” which focuses on the Harry Potter series during the spring semesters. As a fan, this excites me and has given me something to truly look forward to in the coming months. I am also going to take Chaucer, as despite my fear of speaking Middle English in front of my peers, I am going to get it over with (and likely enjoy it, too).

Anyways, back to the present. I have already done one of my mid-terms (last week) and I received a grade for the first half — 90%! I am pretty happy about that. My goal (as crazy as it may be) is to finish my first semester with a 4.0. I am fairly determined, but I won’t be too hard on myself if it doesn’t happen. This week I have my second exam in my public relations class and next week is my midterm for Victorian lit (along with an assignment that is due on the same day). I am pretty nervous about that one since we haven’t really had any writing assignments so I don’t know what she wants really. I guess only time will tell!

For those of you entering midterms, I wish you nothing but the best of luck! Study, focus and remain calm! And in case you haven’t seen it, back track to my “9 Ways to Study Like A Successful Student” post!

Happy Mid-Term Monday!

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