Ask Dianna: Online Classes – Yea or Nay?

Dear Dianna,

I have never taken an online class and was wondering if you have taken one and what you think about them? As a mom, do you recommend taking classes online?


Curious Mom

Hello Curious Mom!

Online classes are becoming more and more popular in our technologically advanced world and I have taken quite a few! Here is my best advice when it comes to taking classes online:

Things to consider 

  1. Do you have a quiet place to study?
  2. Will you be able to focus in your own home? If not, will you be able to leave and study at a coffee shop or library?
  3. Do you have good internet? By good I mean, it doesn’t disconnect all the time and log you out of stuff. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of an exam and have your internet drop!
  4. Are you good with time management? I know you are a mom, but adding online classes to your routine makes for a bigger need for time management skills. You have to be able to balance the normal school stuff, kids, work, etc. but also have to pay close attention to other deadlines for online courses.
  5. Are you disciplined? By saying that I mean, are you able to make yourself sit down and read/watch lectures you would normally have no choice but to participate in if you were in a class room.
  6. What is your major? While you can always try a general education class online, many majors require in-class lectures. Some majors such as computer science and various communications specialties offer online courses for almost all requirements while other majors do not.
  7. What type of learner are you? May seem like a silly question but some people are just not as suited for online classes. You can take the test here.  (some of you may have previously taken it with a previous post)

Many parents participate in online classes simply because you can work around your own schedule, be it work or children…or both! I do like my online classes very much, but also really love being in class. I suggest trying just one to start because it is different than an in-person class. Yes, you do many of the same assignments and are held to the same standard, but it’s much different so be ready for that!

I hope this advice has helped. I do suggest trying at least one online class to see how you do, and then go from there! Best of luck in your education!


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