7 Steps for Effective Time Management for Moms in College

The question I am asked most frequently is “How do you have time to do it all?” and let me tell you sometimes I just want to say that I don’t know how I do it. To be fair, I am incredibly fortunate to have a supportive husband and that makes a huge difference. However, I know that many of you do not have that support system! And to be even more fair, sometimes it all falls apart for me and I get overwhelmed. But usually it falls apart because I try to do too much, I don’t take a day off or I procrastinate!

Time management and the different elements that are essential for managing your time will be a recurring theme on this blog because as a mom in college (and possibly working, too) you have to learn to balance your time in a way that is effective and not dangerous to your health! Of course, all students do this, or should do this, but because you have children (and for many of you a spouse or partner) it becomes even more crucial to learn how to manage your time. So, to assist those who need help managing time I have put together “7 Steps for Effective Time Management for Moms in College”

                                                                                         (you can click the image to enlarge it if necessary)

easelly_visual (4)

While many of these steps are basic knowledge for some, many things get overlooked when you take on a new role like that of a student. For me, these have been the steps that really helped me succeed. I can’t stress how important it is to have a routine and to avoid procrastination in order to avoid pitfalls in college — especially as a parent! 

I am sure there are many other steps that can be added to this list and I would LOVE to have your input on the things that you do to help manage your time! Please leave me a comment with your time management “methods!”

Infographic made at http://www.easel.ly/ 

2 thoughts on “7 Steps for Effective Time Management for Moms in College

  1. Katie Schorr says:

    I do the bulk of my homework after the kids go to bed each night. Since they are young and during the school year they are in bed around 8, this gives me hours a night to work on things without taking time away from them. When I do need to do homework when they are awake, I have to leave the house – I head to the local library, usually – or they never leave me alone! 🙂

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