Top 10 Reasons College Moms Should Join PTK (Community College Moms)

When I first started college at my local CC I was incredibly isolated in my little world. I was, after all, a mom and “old.” While I still remain “old” in comparison to my peers (although they often think I “looked” younger – thanks guys), I found one way that truly helped me connect and feel more a part of the college community atmosphere. How, you ask? Well, Phi Theta Kappa, of course! PTK is a 2 year college honor society, influencing and engaging students in community service while they reach their goals in college. So I thought I would give you my Top 10 Reasons why a college mom should join!!!

Top 10 Reasons College Moms Should Join PTK

  1. To be a part of a pretty awesome community of students and leaders.
  2. Service events – go out and become part of something greater than ourselves. While being a mom is time consuming and it’s hard to find time for “extra” stuff, putting in 2 hours at an event is all it takes
  3. That being said, you are not required to do service hours (at least in most chapters).
  4. PTK is “mom friendly” and by that I mean you will see students (including moms) of all ages participating in meetings, leadership positions and award ceremonies.
  5. To have access to special scholarships – most of us moms need a little extra help in terms of college costs…don’t cheat yourself out of opportunities!
  6. To have access to special awards and recognition. I met a PTK academic team member who was in her 50’s! Top that!

    Me with Austin on the cover of my colleges summer schedule, proudly representing PTK

    Me with Austin on the cover of my college summer schedule, proudly representing PTK

  7. To feel more comfortable about the younger, child-free students – we all know that it can be intimidating to speak in front of people who are different than us. Joining PTK will give you ample opportunities to get to know the amazing people on campus who don’t have kids! (And they will love hearing about your kids, by the way)(This will be its own blog post soon, by the way…the whole fitting in thing)
  8. To be a good example to your peers. You may think you are doing things all backwards, but students, especially traditional students, will look up to you and find encouragement and inspiration in your hard work.
  9. Planning to transfer? PTK will be the connection between you and many great colleges nationwide.
  10. Simply because PTK is a fantastic honors society for two year colleges. I owe a large amount of thanks to Phi Theta Kappa for the opportunities I was given. It is nice to know that this organization has your back!

So don’t wait, head on over and check out their website and contact your campus representative!

One thought on “Top 10 Reasons College Moms Should Join PTK (Community College Moms)

  1. John Brantingam says:

    Great list. When I worked with PTK, there were a lot of moms there. They gave the other students so much in terms of wisdom and guidance.

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