The Birth!

Like giving birth to a child can often be, the birth of this blog did not come without a large amount of struggle and focus. I have been mostly certain of what I wanted to do in my career but I hadn’t completely fine-tuned it until this week. And maybe it still isn’t fine tuned. However, I am beginning this journey with a purpose.

For some time I have been in college. I say it like that because I was in community college for 5 years before finally transferring this coming fall. I do not regret that, but I do wish I would have known what I know now! So, the aim of this blog is to provide mothers who are eagerly seeking mentoring, resources and answers to their questions. I am doing this because as a mother of three children I understand the need for all of those things, but also encouragement from a fellow mother.

Being a mom comes with a certain amount of selflessness not seen by many. We often sacrifice our own desires to make sure everyone else is happy. And while this is commendable, I am here to say that I, and you, are more than a mom. We are strong, compassionate women with a heart and mind ready to learn. I am here to say there is nothing wrong with doing something for yourself, especially when your goals also benefit your children!

So hold tight, open your mind and please feel free to contact me!


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